SEA, Functional Wear

It is a stressful moment many women relive every morning when preparing for work. What to wear to get through the working day looking stylish yet comfortable for the long hours ahead? Like 9 to 5 isn't enough trouble as it is. If your job requires you to move around and run errands around the city then your dress code above all must be comfortable and functional. SEA Dress has something to offer, if you too are facing this problem. And it really is a problem considering the amount of time we spend at work nowadays.

I am 100% sure that Monica Paolini and Sean Monahan have the hard-working modern type of a woman in their mind when creating for SEA. I am convinced of it because the brand gives one of a kind feeling of every day wear you can wear from morning to evening easily. Something that will emphasise your professional side as well as the other part of you, who is more relaxed and casual. It's easier to deal with everyday responsibilities when you are confident in your own skin and don't have to waste too much time fixing your attire and adjusting it. Other advantage of the brand is that all materials are carefully selected and the quality is the type that lets your skin breathe. This is very important aspect that I recommend you always have in mind when shopping for clothes. Selecting the right outfit can be so exhausting and time consuming that at the end the pleasure of wearing it gets lost along the way. SEA has practically everything sorted out for you, from pants, skirts, blouses and jackets you can mix on daily basis and look both fabulous and functional. Shoes play a big role in this situation but that is completely different topic so for now I will leave it up to you. Personally, I find that two to three colour combos work best for a busy working day, just enough the break the monochrome that I adore so much. This Is exactly what SEA is all about. Their collections are mainly composed of few colours that work perfectly well together or on their own. This leaves you the chance to assemble them as you wish and have a different look for every day of the week. You would be surprised of your creativity once you get started and plus it will save you time. And time is precious.

At the end being fashionable and practical at the same time is not so hard. You just have to find the brand you can rely on and SEA NY happens to be just that. Equally important is your taste and style, to wear only what you feel good in and comfortable and that is the one thing you should never compromise. Everything comes with a price they say, well time is priceless and shouldn't be wasted on searching what to wear in the morning when you could sleep in extra or enjoy some other morning rituals you might have.